Another word for a Case Study is a Success Story. Case studies are wonderful marketing tools for promoting your products or services. A case study starts with an engaging story (everybody is drawn to a story). Few other products beat a case study when it comes to building your credibility. Think of them as a testimonial, or a series of testimonials. They also serve as an excellent vehicle for getting media attention. The content of a case study can be incorporated into a company newsletter, a webinar, a lead-generating campaign, a power-point presentation to your customers, or incorporated into your sales or employee training. And they can be used to validate your product claims. In other words, a case study gets you get a lot of bang for your buck.

So what is a case study? Put simply, a case study is a story about one or more of your customers, the customer's challenge/problem, how you solved the problem, and the results achieved by the customer as a result of what you did. When we prepare a case study, we start with interviews (you and your customer), research (yours and ours), a description of your customer including their product or service, the size of the company, the location, and what makes the company or their products different. Next, we get to the story by describing the customer's challenge and the impact it had on the company. That gets us to the customer's journey. What did they do to find a solution, who did they talk to, what did they try on their own? This is where you come in. How did your customer describe the challenge? How did you find the solution? What was the solution? How did you implement it? Give people the details and the steps you went through to implement the solution. Then tell them what worked and how your product or service helped your customer. Did you win the legal case or get a good settlement. Did sales improve? Were they able to avoid the added expense of hiring more people, or buying new equipment; i.e., how did you succeed in fixing your customer's problem?

When we're done, we'll present the study to you in a visually pleasing way. Most often, it will look a lot like a feature article with a headline, subheadings, and bullet points. And to make it easier for your busy customers, we may include a summary section that tells the story in a few bullet points. Ideally,  we'll be able to include a few direct quotes from your customer to bolster the story. We'll also work with your graphic designer or web master to make sure that the whole story is presented in a way that is visually pleasing and that keeps the visitor's attention. While you can use the study in any number of ways, at a minimum, we recommend that you incorporate it into your website.

Lastly, we'll give you recommendations for the most effective way to utilize the study for your own benefit.

If you'd like to talks to us about a case study, just give us a call. We offer a free half-hour consultation, by phone or in person at your office.