I spent nearly 40 years practicing law so I know a bit about law firms, their marketing needs, and their clients. By now, most law firms have websites and, if the firm is big enough, they'll have someone on staff who knows something about marketing on the web and using SEO to make sure that prospective clients can find you. But for sole practitioners (like I was for a lot of my career), some outside help is usually needed. At this point, most law firm websites are pretty good. But once prospective clients find your website, do they like what they see, do they read what you have to say, do they call you? That's where we come in. And that's where my legal writing skills combine with my copywriting skills to make your website one that visitors will read and act on.

On the other hand, there are quite a few law firm websites that do little more than tell a prospective client where you are located and what kind of cases you handle. If you fit into the latter category, we can help you make your website a lot more informative, easy to navigate and, in a word, effective. We usually start with a site audit (see that section on the Services Menu), including recommendations on how to improve your website so that more prospective clients will not only find you, but be impressed enough to actually read about you and, ultimately, call you for an appointment.

But there are a lot of services that we offer to law firms in addition to an improved website. We'll meet with you and go over your marketing needs and your current efforts to bring in new clients. After all, many of you work in fields like personal injury, family law, criminal and bankruptcy where your clients will probably not need you again once their current case is done (at least, we hope not). In that case, many of you will depend on referrals from your former clients and/or other attorneys. How do you reach other attorneys and tell them about what you have to offer? That usually takes more than just a killer website. It takes networking through bar associations and civic organizations. And it takes some kind of regular contact with other attorneys through newsletters, blogs, email marketing, etc. We can also help you in these areas by preparing your newsletters (utilizing your legal expertise), blog posts, and email marketing (the key to email marketing is having a subject line in your email that makes prospects open the email and read it, rather than just deleting it). All of these take the persuasive skills of a good copywriter.

If you'd like to talk to me about your marketing needs, just give me a call. Like I did when I was practicing law, I offer a free half-hour consultation, by phone or in person at your office, so we can discuss your needs.